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Professional Services

End of Support for OneTouch G2 & 10G

13th January 2022

Message for owners of a Fluke Networks OneTouch or a Netscout OneTouch NetAlly, the current owners of the OneTouch product line, have …

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Buy a Fluke get a FREE Fluke

1st September 2021

Fluke Networks promotion available until 15 Dec 2021 15 Jan 2022! *** This promo has just been extended – now ends 15th …

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Fluke Networks launch LinkIQ

Fluke Networks launch LinkIQ

4th May 2021

May 4th brings new copper cable tester! Introducing Fluke Networks LinkIQ, designed to verify cable performance up to 10G. If you don’t …

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Wireless Survey Heat Map

All about wireless networking

3rd March 2021

Wireless networks are a very popular topic amongst many of our customers at the moment. So, we’ve pulled together some useful educational …

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Fluke Networks Fibre Expert Materials

Fluke Networks fibre tools make everyone a fibre expert

Fibre Optic Cabling Reference Guide Fibre optic cabling is key in modern data networks, but becoming an expert in the technology can …

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MultiGig Ethernet vs Category 5e, 6 and 6A

Can my cabling support Multi-Gigabit speeds?

Can my cabling support Multi-Gigabit speeds? 1, 2.5, 5.0 & 10Gbps Full Control Whitepaper One guarantee in networking is the belief that …

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Why is wireless roaming such a lottery?

Why do some devices stick to one AP and not roam? One of the biggest issues with wireless over the last 10 …

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Why is my network running slow?

The network is running slow conundrum ..or maybe you’re not measuring the right things? We’ve all heard it shouted across the office, …

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